5 digital marketing trends you should know in 2019

Over the last 5 years, digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become the work of digital marketers, ever since its dawn to keep up with technology and how it shifts the minds of the audience. You see renowned digital gurus emphasising the importance of digital marketing for any type of business, be it a matchstick manufacturer to a multi-billion-dollar company. Since everyone has started practising some form of marketing digitally, there are huge job opportunities. People have started to study digital marketing to become a digital marketer. Of course, when there is a demand for something there equally needs to be, supply.

While the basic concept of reaching the need of your customer online remains the same, the path that is taken to do that has changed. You need not be abruptly attractive all the time to advertise to your audience. The digital marketing ecosystem is so different that you can engineer a specific type of marketing that best suits you. Some of the channels that work well include SEO, SEM, engagement and lead generation using social media, and more. So, if you don’t update your business would be left behind.

For those who are practising digital marketing and wish to stay current, here are 5 trends that you should know:

#1. Artificial Intelligence has got better at reading the audience persona:

Artificial Intelligence

Now, it is safe to say that AI is going to take over the world of digital marketing soon. As of today, AI is being utilised in customer segmentation, sending push notifications, reading clicks and retargeting customers. How you implement AI for your business depends completely upon the business goals. Personalised business solutions are one of the most important aspects of using AI. With the personalised approach, you can reach a wide range of audience and segment leads from quality leads.

#2. Chatbots:

One trend that has taken over the entire marketing arena is the chatbot marketing in messenger applications. Human beings are social animals, they want to be heard instantly. Chatbots have proven to be successful. You can now create life-like chatbot personalities and communicate with your audience at a larger scale. There are several tools such as many chats, mobile monkey that would help you create chatbots with just a few simple steps. Almost 80% of digital marketers have started implementing chatbots for improving customer experience and support.


Image Source: thehudson.org

#3. Personalisation

If you are not taking a personalised digital marketing approach it is going to become a problem for your business. Personalised content means doing personalised messages, products and any other way to connect with your audience on a one-to-one basis. Digital marketing stats show that nearly 70% of the online audience is bored with generic ads and nearly 87% of the audience is likely to convert if they are approached with a personal touch.

#4. Video marketing

One of the most important trends that are going to stick around for a long time is video marketing. Video accounts for nearly 65% of the online traffic and is predicted to increase in the future. Videos can boost engagement of your audience by 10X, thereby boosting conversion 10X. If you are not performing video marketing on Facebook lead ads or Instagram, then you are behind.

video marketing

Image Source: paprikaads.com

#5. Digital marketing training is taken to the next level

Everyone wants to become a digital marketer. Why? It’s because there is scope in all domains. If you take a city like Chennai there are nearly 20-30 people that are being recruited daily in the digital marketing field. And 90% of the recruiters are looking for industry-ready people who can immediately start practising digital marketing. This has resulted in premium digital marketing institutes in Chennai that offer courses with in-depth practical knowledge. More than going learning and implementing, we must stay with the trend and update continuously

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